We’re looking for commentary writers

May 8, 2008

City Prosper is seeking commentary articles from leaders throughout Philadelphia.

On our site (www.CityProsper.org), we highlight articles by the major media and write original pieces on issues and events important to those working for change, or those in need, not found in the daily newspapers.

Our goal is to expand access to, and awareness of, current news, research, initiatives, and organizations working to improve Philadelphia’s living standard.

We’re seeking commentary submissions from Philadelphia-based academics and practitioners working in the non-profit sector on topics such as planning, development, organizing, health care, labor, and economics.

We’d like our commentary writers to submit pieces regularly to build consistency and reliability. We only ask that you submit one article every three months in return for exposure of your opinions and organization’s work.

Please let us know if you’re interested by visiting our Contact Page.


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