The Bottom Line is…Children

March 31, 2008

Public Citizens for Children and Youth recently released a study called, “The Bottom Line is…Children” for 2008.

“Almost one million children call Southeastern Pennsylvania home. They are very rich and they are very poor, most are healthy but some are not; most of them are able to find good pre-school programs to help them get ready for school and attend schools that are ready for them, but some miss out on one or both of these; they live in luxury, and they live in poverty. They are more alike than they are different, but their life circumstances vary dramatically. Like children everywhere, they look to adults to nurture, support, protect, and teach them. Like adults everywhere most of us try to fulfill the needs and desires of our children. The challenge then for all of us in this region is to understand that all of them are our children.”

Download: The Bottom Line is…Children


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